blue skies are coming

i know it's hard

Whenever I start missing you now,

I stop. Because you hurt me. YOU hurt ME. And YOU can believe whatever you’d like to. But you are the one who wronged me. I did nothing to you. Nothing. I gave you every little thing I had, you took everything. Even when I left you kept taking from me. And I didn’t love myself enough to stop you from doing that. So now when I get sad or lonely (because believe it or not, I’m not with anyone, nor have I been) or when I look through pictures of our happy family, that YOU ripped apart. I let myself get angry at you. I let myself feel mad at you for the first time. I do NOT deserve to feel guilty for something I didn’t do to you. And I will not let myself fall back into that. It’s hard and it sucks but you did this to yourself. You kicked me out of our house because you thought I had done something that YOU ACTUALLY DID DO TO ME! How dare you. I did nothing. And because you blocked me everywhere else, and because I do deserve at least a chance to express how I feel, I’m posting it here. I KNOW you check here. I hope you read every word and I hope you feel so guilty for how you treated me. You are selfish and you are manipulative. And I should not be the one sitting here alone at night wondering where everything went wrong. I loved you, every single day. And I still do. I love you for making me strong enough to finally start to love myself. I love myself enough now that I can walk away from your bullshit.